Calls from Primordial Creation

The Calls listed here as well as further expanded Calls can be requested

from the Stiftung Rufe aus der Urschöpfung via the email address

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1. From Stagnation to Acceleration - and where are you?  

2. And a Picture Unfolds 

3. If you fail, the world will fall

4. You have recognised the Word, but you do not hear the Call


5. The Word and the formed words

6. The failure and the Radiant Star 

7. The most recent revelation

8. It begins!

9. The Call


10. Do not believe your thoughts

  »Let There Be Light!« Original Lecture from Verlag „Der Ruf“, G.m.b.H., München


11. The Son of Man and the Hour of Fulfilment

»Be At Your Post In Your Thoughts!« Unpublished Lecture by Abdruschin from the 21st of August 1932

12. Proclamation 2015

13. Unstoppable 

14. Limitations of the Intellect

15. The Grail Message and the Steps of Recognition

16. The Radiation of the Transformation


17. Easter 2016 - The Mosaic of Truth

18. Supplement to Easter 2016

19. The Distortion of Concepts and Lucifer’s Minions

20. Truth without Spiritual Responsibility

21. Active and passive activity in Creation