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It is a Writing that is intended to speak to human beings who in their deepest, innermost being already recognise that something is wrong with the world. They sense that despite freedom and self-determination, the individual in his development is shaped by a controlled society ... and they ask themselves: Am I really free!?

They are thus human beings who have no confidence in the churches, the politicians or the sciences to bring a solution to their questions. In their search for answers, however, they close themselves off to everything new, since they fear to become involved in sects thereby. And yet they surely sense that a shadow has been cast over the truth, even though it is said: Only those who seek will find!

The way thereto has now once again been cleared from out of the Light, so that each human spirit can be shown a direction without religious dogmas which will lead it to the Truth.

This booklet can accompany it on this journey, only for this purpose was it written.

The Work is only available via the website ​www.letitbegin.net and can be ordered under "Printed Books".