A Glimpse into another World


Extract from the beginning of the writing:


"This writing is to be the preparation for a new time. A time that will be of a completely different kind. It is to be shaped by conditions in which mankind adapts to the natural and substantiate forces and uses their help for all manner of formations, while another part of mankind works toward its own demise. A time during which also technology relies on substantiate forces. Today, this form is completely alien to man, but only it can lead him to undreamt-of greatness and be a blessing to him in the long run ...


It will be the time in which, for current understanding, it will become possible to draw energetic forces seemingly from out of nowhere, because man receives access to other spheres whose sources of energy are unknown to him today but which are downright inexhaustible. This writing not only helps to comprehend occurrences that far surpass current understanding but also to absorb such happenings spiritually ..."